General Rules and Regulations

The leaderboard

The following points system will be implemented across all matches.

Player categories

The category of each player will be reviewed quarterly where players will be moved up or down depending on the following.

Terms and conditions

All players must be at least sixteen years of age. If you choose to register as an under age player on the start up registration jagtennismatch can take no responsibilty.

Tweener Tennis will take no responsibility for any injuries which may occur before during or after any matches which may be scheduled through the app or website.

It is the responsibility of the players to arrange a suitable and safe venue for each match played. Tweener Tennis can take no responsibility for injuries or harm which may occur due to a lack of safe and acceptable court surface and or equipment which may be used.

In the case of minors who are registered it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to vet and agree to any match arranged. It is advised that a parent or guardian should attend or at least vet the opponent and venue before allowing any match take place. Tweener Tennis cannot be held liable to any harm whether physical or mental to any minor using the system.

Any disputes or queries should be directed to and will be delt with by a member of the team.