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Tweener Tennis League Instructions

The following is some brief instructions on how to use the Tweener Tennis App to arrange matches in leagues. If you have any problem which is not answered by these instructions you can the Tweener Tennis Team by email.


All event actions are done within the event page. There are three tabs to the event page: information, players, and matches

Player List

The leaderboard for the league - keep track of your standing in the league. Tap on a player to view a player's profile.

In-app Chat

You can use short messages to talk to other players in the app. The main reason for introducing this feature is to help players chat while they are arranging a match time and location.

You can find chat buttons on other players' profiles, and on match pages when the match is live.

In-app chat blog article

Match List

Matches are three standard tie-break sets.

When the event starts, the match list will show all of your matches.

The player order is important: it is a home match for the first player.

When other players complete a match it will appear as a completed match on your list. Tap on the match to view the details.

Creating a Match

NB if you tap the "Play" button on a player's profile to create a match, you will create a match which is not connected to the event. Only use the event match list to create league matches.

A blog article about leagues and creating matches.

Match Times and Locations

You can play matches when it suits you and your opponent.

The order of players' names on the match list (eg Player One vs Player Two) means that it is a home match for Player One.

The home player should provide new balls for the match.

Match Points & the Leaderboard

Players are awarded three points for winning a match. A defeated player in the case of a three set match is awarded one point, zero points otherwise.

The leaderboard player order is by points. For players with the same number of points, then the order is decided by who has the greater game count (games won minus games lost).

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