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Summer leagues complete, Autumn leagues entries open


as the US open begins the current Tweener Prize Leagues are finishing. Congratulations to everyone who has taken part this time round. A total of 110 matches have been played. Full results can be viewed on the website. We will be in touch with all our winners to distribute the prize money accordingly.

League Review

Our leagues are currently set at a 30 mile radius. We are interested to see if you guys feel this is ok or should we look at shrinking this to make co-ordinating matches easier?

New leagues: Entries 15 Sep; Play 16 Sep to 4 Dec

Entries for our next batch of Tweener Prize Leagues are now open. This time round you can enter through the app only. Everyone should get push notifications to remind them of nearby events or you can click the paypal button below to get involved. Once again entries are set at £10 with 65% of this being paid back in prize money. The more entries in the leagues the higher the prize fund.

Autumn League Entry £10

If you would like a new league set up in your local area please drop us a email and we are happy to get this done for you.

Coach’s Corner: improving your volley technique in three steps

  1. Change your footwork. Most players tend to take their initial step to the ball with their inside foot. For example, when moving to the forehand they step with their left foot. I would challenge you to learn to move your outside leg first when moving towards to a volley. Almost feel you are playing more from an open stance. See Andy training this below.

  2. Split step timing. Again looking at Andy training his volley: watch his split step. If you listen to the sound of his opponent striking the ball you will notice his split is always bang on time with his opponent’s strike

  3. Understand racket head control. When training try and keep the strings of your racket face pointing at the target until the ball bounces on your opponent’s side. This will help you to stop swinging at the volley.

Finally, can you please make sure you are running the latest version of the app. Certain features do not work well if you are using older versions. You can check on the app store pages.

Google play store Apple app store

All the best,

the Tweener Team

Coaches Corner: Spanish Basket

70a20ab5-12bd-4de0-a789-39ed656a2ae4The coach feeds the ball to four different positions on the court. First ball deep to forehand, second short to backhand, third deep to backhand and finally short to forehand. The number of balls and speed must vary depending on the fitness level of the player.

Teaching points:

  • athletic first step to the ball,
  • weight transfer especially on the deeper ball
  • vary the type of shot. Higher on the deep ball, flatter on the shorter ball.
  • early preparation.

New leagues, interesting developments for 2016, & app update

Hi Tennis Fans,

another milestone for us this month with Graham Revie becoming the 800th Tweener player in the UK!


Are you feeling the need to get the competitive juices flowing and fancy winning some prize money? Our league entries close on the 19th December. Have a look at the leagues. To enter your nearest league please click on the league and you’ll be redirected to the league entry page on the LTA website.

League rules from March 2016

We have assessed our first batch of leagues and have decided we would like to streamline everything to make the whole experience easier for you guys. Please see full details of our proposed league structure rules. We have tried to simplify the process of entering and how the leagues operate for the benefit of all our users.

2016 Leaderboard Prize

How many matches can you play? How many leaderboard points can you win? Let’s find out. We will reset the in-app leaderboard to zero at the beginning of the year. The player at the top of the leaderboard this time next year can look forward to a special prize!

Coaches corner: volley on the move

Players start diagonally opposite each other in the corner ofvolley_on_the_move the service box. Players exchange volleys whilst moving across the court towards the opposite tramline. Vary the start position depending on you level of play. To make the exercise easier move closer and to make it more difficult move back towards the service line.

Set targets:

  • can you get 50 balls in a row,
  • can you get across the court and back without losing control.

Teaching points:

  • racket and elbows always in front,
  • athletic ready position,
  • chopper grip, and
  • strings pointing at your target.

App Update

We have released v3.3 of the app with some notable additions:

  • Tweener rating: an in-app rating system the updates after every match. View a player’s recent rating change on their profile rating chart.
  • Standalone match warning: in case you mean to create a league match.
  • View all your old messages.


The Tweener Team

Coach’s Corner 4

Are you the type of player who helps your partner to win their serve or do you struggle to get involved in the game when your partner is serving?

In this short Tweener coaches’ corner we are going to try and help you improve your movement at the net when your partner is serving.

Before looking at the graphics below please read these bullet points.

  • Try and always plan the serve direction with your partner before the point begins
  • Start your movement forward as the ball passes you at the net. If you wait until the ball bounces you will not be able to cover the ground.
  • Split step as always as the returner hits the ball. This will allow you to be balanced and change direction fast.
  • Don’t let the ball get past you easily. Always make your best effort to get a racket on the ball. This will force your opponent to go for bigger and bigger shots ultimately drawing unforced errors.

Take a look at the three graphics below. Note the starting position of the net player being almost bang in the centre of their box. Do not hide near the tramline as you will become isolated!


Diagram: click to enlarge

  1. Wide serve movement: take a large step diagonally forward onto your left foot before squaring off and making a sit step.
  2. The body serve: this time move straight forward. Step onto whatever foot you feel most comfortable before split stepping.
  3. The T serve: finally take your large step diagonally to the right onto your right leg. The square off as you split step.

I would encourage you and your partner to count how many points you can win with two strikes (serve then volley) without moving as above. Then try to play with the above movement switched on. You will be amazed how much more you can dominate behind your serve!
Remember, if you do not lose serve you will not lose many matches.

Coach’s Corner 3

Welcome to our Tweener coaches corner volume three. Being a coach working within a club environment I constantly see the ball crossing the net in the middle but the net player never manages to touch the ball and becomes very isolated. We have created 3 graphics below which will hopefully illustrate two hugely important points.

Where you should position yourself at the net to be in the centre point of the two possible shots your baseline opponent may choose to hit. Giving you the best chance to cover your side! Your job as the net player is not to cover 30% of the court.

Use the position above to intercept the ball hit over the centre band of the net! Remember 90% of balls in club doubles are hit cross court.

Next time you play, try to help your partner by intercepting that middle ball. Experiment with when you think is the best time to move. If you go too early you may leave a space, if you go to late you will not reach the ball in time. I recommend moving just after the ball bounces on your opponents side that way he or she will be committed to their stroke. Trust me when I say your partner will love you as you start to mop up easy volleys and you beat the team at your club you have always struggled against!


Click the image to view the full-size image

Starting position for a net player should always be outside foot roughly in the centre of the service box not on the singles tramline.

Court 1: when receiving the ball from the baseline player in a wide position you must step to your left. Do not over commit one big diagonal step left should be enough

Court 2: when receiving the ball from the baseline player in a neutral position you must take a step forward. Again one step should be enough followed by your dynamic split step as they strike the ball

Court 3: when receiving the ball from the baseline player when they are in the centre area of the court you can take a big step towards the middle of the court. This is the ball you can really dominate the court from!

Good luck!

Feedback can be sent to the usual address.

The Tweener Team

Coach’s Corner 2

Hi All,

we are getting very excited behind the scenes at Tweener Tennis. Pushing towards 300 users and a number of matches being co-ordinated. Oh and Christmas is coming!

Coach’s Corner

We hope you all enjoy our latest Tweener Coach’s Corner video. We have tried to focus on three core singles practices that are guaranteed to improve your game. Have a look then get out on the court and get practicing!

New features

The imminent launch of Tweener Tennis v1.2 will allow players to choose a Best of Three Tie Break Sets match to complement our existing two options of Two Sets & and Championship Tie Break and Friendly (No Score). This will allow our Born 2 Win Tennis friends to input their scores correctly! And it offers greater flexibility to our users.

Tweener Stats: who’s been joining tweener recently?

  • David Lloyd Club Renfrew (11)
  • Hertford Lawn Tennis Club (3)
  • Kimpton Tennis Club (2)
  • Letchworth Sports and Tennis Club Ltd (2)
  • Merchiston Castle School (2)

We’re busy working, you’re busy winning

Hey Tennis Fans,

once again we would like to thank you all for continuing to support and download our app. We are up to 212 users as of this morning! It has been a busy time for us behind the scenes with our announcement of our exciting partnership with Born 2 Win Tennis along with our upcoming Babolat and Tweener day this Sunday (16th November). We also presented at the recent Tennis Scotland coaches conference making new friends and hopefully adding new users along the way.

Jordan talks about Tweener at Tennis Scotland’s Coaching Conference


A massive congratulations to Graham and Luke Brandwood who completed the first all English match on Wednesday the 5th of November 17:30 at Queens Park (Burnley). Well done lads both of you will be receiving a prize for winning the St George’s Cross challenge which we announced in Newsletter 8.

Don’t forget that we have two challenges running from 1st October to 31st December:

  • Full-time Pro: play the most matches to win the prize.
  • Journeyman: play at the most venues to win.

App Updates

iPhone users should make sure you update to version 1.1.3. This fixed a bug for iOS 8 devices where the app would crash when you selected a date or time for a new match.

Finally, we are getting closer to completing the updates for Tweener Tennis 2.0 which is packed with great new features. Keep an eye out in December for this hitting the app stores!

The First Event

Congratulations to all players who played in our first Tweener event on the 24th August. We had a fantastic day in the sunshine with 14 players rated from 2.2 to 10.2 enjoying some great matches.

Check out our YouTube channel to watch some of the highlights from the day and to check out our coaching video on the serve. Our next 3 coaching sessions will be titled:

  • Three key drills to improve your singles play.
  • Improve your court position and retrieve more balls than you thought possible.
  • Less effort means more power.

Subscribe to our channel now so you do not miss out on these fantastic coaching tips.

PS well done to all who have updated their tweener profile picture some very funny ones. Ethan Simpson loving the “tweener” pic!

Coaches Corner: the service leg drive

Welcome to our first ever coaches corner.

We are excited at the prospect of being able to offer some technical, tactical, mental and physical advice to all of you. In our first edition Jordan will be looking at the leg drive in the serve and the various ways that you can try to maximise the elastic energy you can create.

Hope you like it. Now get out and practice!

Coaches Corner

We would like to introduce the latest and most exciting section of our blog, our coaches corner. Jordan Gray head coach at Thorn Park LTC in Glasgow Scotland and former full-time professional will be guiding you through some of his ideas on how to improve your game. We are looking forward to working with other lead coaches throughout the UK who will offer their own insight into the game. Please feel free to email anything you would like us to look at from adding more spin to your forehand, to doubles tactics and positioning.

Send your requests to