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British Tennis Challenge 2015

event_nameWith the season fast approaching we have decided it is time to launch our very first annual Tweener British Tennis Challenge. This is massively exciting for us as we have been working towards this for the past 15 months! With the support of Born2Win Tennis and our major sponsor Grand Productions Ltd we would like to introduce the concept. Find out more about how to enter the national event with over £3000 in prize money on offer, not to mention a fantastic players’ party after the finals!

App Version Three

With new features being added for the next version of the app, we are off to a flying start in 2015: 333 users and over 120 matches complete so far. We would like to thank everyone for supporting the app and hope you continue to enjoy and recommend us to your tennis friends and clubs.


Don’t forget we have two live challenges:

  • Home & Away: play the same player at your club then play them again at theirs.
  • Points Make Prizes: be the highest points scorer on the Tweener leaderboard between February 15th and April 19th to win a prize.

App update and new prizes

Hi Tennis Fan,

as you may know, we have been working hard behind the scenes to develop a new version of Tweener. We have added some new features which we hope makes the user experience even more enjoyable.

The main new features include:

  • Sign-up using Facebook for new players. (Android users may notice the extra permissions required for these new features.)
  • Push notifications which will help alert you to any challenges or score updates that need attention.
  • Access to your photo gallery on your phone to make changing your profile picture easier. You can now use an existing photo, take a new photo, or delete your profile picture.
  • New achievements to play for.
    • Love Maker: win a match without dropping a game.
    • To The Wire: win a three-set tie-break match.
    • Tour 250: win 4 matches in-a-row
    • Tour 500: win 5 matches in-a-row.

Tweener Stats: David Lloyd Club Renfrew

Congratulations to David Lloyd Club Renfrew for playing 14 matches in the last 28 days and having the most players (20) signed up to the app.

More prizes on offer!

Oh and before we leave you, note our latest live challenges.

  • Double Header: Play two tweener matches in one day! The challenge runs from now to March 31st.
  • 100 Club: We are approaching 100 completed tweener matches. The two players who complete the 100th match will also receive a mystery prize.

Good luck and enjoy,

The Tweener Team

Happy new year

Hi Tennis Fans,

we hope you had a great Christmas break. I am sure you are all gearing up for a fantastic new year of tennis. Why not set some goals for your game. Maybe make a technical or tactical change but most importantly make sure you get out on court and compete!

We are delighted that we have pushed through the 300 member barrier and hope you all continue to support and enjoy the app. We have some exciting things going on behind the scenes and can’t wait to announce the new Tweener features and events coming in 2015.


As you all know we like to host some fun challenges for you all to take part in. Over the past few months we have had two running. First, the Tweener tour player or the person who played the most matches in the last quarter of the year. The winner was Daud Sakandar, a massive congratulations from the team and enjoy your prize.

Over the Christmas period from mid-December to January the 5th we ran a fun competition to see who could play the most matches. Well, we had a total of nine matches played over the festive period with the eventual winner being Harry Marron who played and won four matches! Great effort getting out on court over the holidays. Your mystery prize is in the post!

App developments

Once again can we remind all users to make sure you link yourself to your local club or park facility and, if you have one, enter your LTA number. The app will then be fully optimised to make your user experience even better!

Finally, version 2 is almost there. We are putting the finishing touches in place as we speak. We can’t wait to unveil some new features and challenges.

The Tweener Team

Coach’s Corner 2

Hi All,

we are getting very excited behind the scenes at Tweener Tennis. Pushing towards 300 users and a number of matches being co-ordinated. Oh and Christmas is coming!

Coach’s Corner

We hope you all enjoy our latest Tweener Coach’s Corner video. We have tried to focus on three core singles practices that are guaranteed to improve your game. Have a look then get out on the court and get practicing!

New features

The imminent launch of Tweener Tennis v1.2 will allow players to choose a Best of Three Tie Break Sets match to complement our existing two options of Two Sets & and Championship Tie Break and Friendly (No Score). This will allow our Born 2 Win Tennis friends to input their scores correctly! And it offers greater flexibility to our users.

Tweener Stats: who’s been joining tweener recently?

  • David Lloyd Club Renfrew (11)
  • Hertford Lawn Tennis Club (3)
  • Kimpton Tennis Club (2)
  • Letchworth Sports and Tennis Club Ltd (2)
  • Merchiston Castle School (2)

First all-female clash

Hey all,

hope you have been enjoying this lovely mild outdoor winter tennis weather. It has been fantastic to see a surge in Tweener matches over the past 2 weeks!  A big congratulations from us to all players involved.

We are closing in our goal of multiple matches being played up and down the country allowing players building large banks of new opponents and friends along the way.

We have had our first all female match! Massive congratulations to Alla and Eileen from David Lloyd Club in Renfrew. Once again this was a tweener challenge so both of you will receive a prize in the post shortly!

Finally the tweener database has grown to 258 players with a target of 300 by Christmas. Please get out and tell your friends helping us to grow the network of Tweener players across the UK.

Don’t forget that we have two challenges running from 1st October to 31st December:

  • Full-time Pro: play the most matches to win the prize.
  • Journeyman: play at the most venues to win.


The Tweener Team

We’re busy working, you’re busy winning

Hey Tennis Fans,

once again we would like to thank you all for continuing to support and download our app. We are up to 212 users as of this morning! It has been a busy time for us behind the scenes with our announcement of our exciting partnership with Born 2 Win Tennis along with our upcoming Babolat and Tweener day this Sunday (16th November). We also presented at the recent Tennis Scotland coaches conference making new friends and hopefully adding new users along the way.

Jordan talks about Tweener at Tennis Scotland’s Coaching Conference


A massive congratulations to Graham and Luke Brandwood who completed the first all English match on Wednesday the 5th of November 17:30 at Queens Park (Burnley). Well done lads both of you will be receiving a prize for winning the St George’s Cross challenge which we announced in Newsletter 8.

Don’t forget that we have two challenges running from 1st October to 31st December:

  • Full-time Pro: play the most matches to win the prize.
  • Journeyman: play at the most venues to win.

App Updates

iPhone users should make sure you update to version 1.1.3. This fixed a bug for iOS 8 devices where the app would crash when you selected a date or time for a new match.

Finally, we are getting closer to completing the updates for Tweener Tennis 2.0 which is packed with great new features. Keep an eye out in December for this hitting the app stores!

Tweener Tennis 1.1 released

Hi All, It has been a busy time for us behind the scenes. Our first update has successfully been released and is available to download now. If you have not managed to update already make sure you check out version 1.1, it’s packed with great new features! Oh and please remember to link your tweener profile to your club & LTA number. This will optimise all the app’s features and will help us to match you to players of similar ability levels. Take a look below at the two main new features released in version 1.1.

In-app challenges: if you look at your Statistics page in the app you will now see you have an achievements section. Those of you who have already played a match should see a blue icon which means you have won the tweener debut award! Please read on in the blog to see what other challenges lie in stall for you!

Friendly matches: you can now create friendly challenges. This type of challenge will allow players the option to simply play a social game or even just have a training session.The challenge will still be recorded in the system but no score needs to be logged.

Once again we would encourage all of you to get involved with the app and fully encourage any new ideas you would like to see within the app. Below are a list of all the challenges which you can play for and how you achieve them. If you have any ideas for new challenges just drop us an email and we will consider adding your challenges to the next update.

  • Revenge is Sweet. If you play a player once and lose then the next time you play them you win “Revenge is sweet” will appear on your achievements.
  • Tweener tour player. Play matches at 3 different locations to win this award.
  • Tweener grand tour. Play matches at 5 different locations to win this award.
  • Tweener world tour. Play matches at 10 different locations to win this award.
  • Tweener traveller. This award has three different levels and can be unlocked by travelling to play matches at new venues 10, 25 and 50 miles from your club. Remember you can only win this if you link yourself to a venue/club in your profile.
  • Tweener grand slam. Win seven matches in a row and unlock this special award.

We have set the challenges now get out there and unlock the awards!

Tweener app update, version 1.1

Dear Tweener Members, Guests and Friends,

firstly a massive thanks from all of us at Tweener for installing and supporting our app. As part of our ongoing ambition to improve our app and the overall experience our users get we would like to introduce our first update. We have added some cool and hopefully fun features that you and your new network of tennis friends will hopefully enjoy.

Look out for an announcement when the update is available on the app stores.

friendly_framedFriendly challenge. You can now offer two types of challenge. A tweener match where you record your score and points are added to the leaderboard. The new option is to challenge someone to a “Friendly”. Friendly matches will register on your matches played but offers social players the chance to simply hit some balls for fun.

achievements_framedTweener Trophies. At Tweener we believe that players of all abilities should have the opportunity to play for trophies. We have laid out a number of challenges for players to try and achieve. We hope this will encourage more matches to be played and increase participation within the app. You will also gain bonus points towards your position on the leaderboard when you win a trophy in a standard match. Below is a list of all the new achievements you can play for.

  • Tweener Debut
  • Revenge is sweet
  • Tweener tour player
  • Tweener grand tourer
  • Tweener world tourer
  • Tweener traveller 10, 20, 30, 40, 50
  • The Grand Slam

We hope you all manage to upgrade to the latest version and encourage you all to LOCATE – CHALLENGE – PLAY as many matches as you can and enhance your enjoyment of our great sport!

Tweener Team

Your Profile

Screenshot_2014-06-22-12-05-30_framedOne of the goals of Tweener is to help you expand your network of opponents and playing partners. For the app to do this you can add some extra details to your profile after you register. Our recommendation system will use this extra information to provide more accurate suggestions for opponents.

Player categories

The app has player categories which are similar to the LTA rating system. We introduced the rating system to provide more opportunity for you to move up (and down) the categories to more accurately reflect your playing standard without having to enter LTA ranking events.

When you registered your new account, you were assigned the lowest category: I. You can automatically move up some categories if you enter your LTA membership number. The app will check your LTA rating and, if necessary, update your in-app category to match your LTA rating.


Entering your club will help other players find you nearby. The app uses the club’s location to find nearby players.


One of the new features we plan for the app is to provide extra filters for you to narrow down the recommendations the app makes – the more information we have, the better the recommendations.

Without this information you won’t be able to enter our leaderboard competition when it begins!

Profile Picture

Tap the camera icon to take a photo for your profile picture. After you take the photo you don’t need to update your profile – the picture has already been saved.

And don’t forget your name

Also, please do enter an accurate name! This will help your friends find you easily. And you too can find friends to follow and track their progress.

Welcome to Tweener


We’re just getting started

Hi All, firstly a massive thanks for downloading our new App. This is a really exciting time for us at Tweener and for tennis fans around the world. Andy Murray is embarking on another Wimbledon onslaught and for us, our first version of Tweener is officially real!

We would like to welcome you all on board as our first official Tweener players. We have 80 players registered on the app and are steadily growing in numbers. We need your help to grow our database of players as our goal is to be able to offer players like yourselves a huge network of potential competition and new friends. Please spread the word among your club members and tennis friends.

Finally we have noticed some of you have not entered your LTA membership numbers under the Edit Profile tab. Remember our system uses your rating to gauge your rough ability level and match you to appropriate players. If you have a spare second please open your tweener profile and enter your LTA number. If you’re feeling really adventurous why not add a profile picture and get playing some matches 🙂

Thanks again,

Tweener Tennis