Summer leagues complete, Autumn leagues entries open


as the US open begins the current Tweener Prize Leagues are finishing. Congratulations to everyone who has taken part this time round. A total of 110 matches have been played. Full results can be viewed on the website. We will be in touch with all our winners to distribute the prize money accordingly.

League Review

Our leagues are currently set at a 30 mile radius. We are interested to see if you guys feel this is ok or should we look at shrinking this to make co-ordinating matches easier?

New leagues: Entries 15 Sep; Play 16 Sep to 4 Dec

Entries for our next batch of Tweener Prize Leagues are now open. This time round you can enter through the app only. Everyone should get push notifications to remind them of nearby events or you can click the paypal button below to get involved. Once again entries are set at £10 with 65% of this being paid back in prize money. The more entries in the leagues the higher the prize fund.

Autumn League Entry £10

If you would like a new league set up in your local area please drop us a email and we are happy to get this done for you.

Coach’s Corner: improving your volley technique in three steps

  1. Change your footwork. Most players tend to take their initial step to the ball with their inside foot. For example, when moving to the forehand they step with their left foot. I would challenge you to learn to move your outside leg first when moving towards to a volley. Almost feel you are playing more from an open stance. See Andy training this below.

  2. Split step timing. Again looking at Andy training his volley: watch his split step. If you listen to the sound of his opponent striking the ball you will notice his split is always bang on time with his opponent’s strike

  3. Understand racket head control. When training try and keep the strings of your racket face pointing at the target until the ball bounces on your opponent’s side. This will help you to stop swinging at the volley.

Finally, can you please make sure you are running the latest version of the app. Certain features do not work well if you are using older versions. You can check on the app store pages.

Google play store Apple app store

All the best,

the Tweener Team