More on the BTC and the 2016 leaderboard prize

The Davis Cup is back and the sun is shining. Is it finally time for some good quality outdoor tennis? We certainly hope so.

BTC 2016

BTC 2016 map

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We are delighted to announce that the 2016 BTC event is officially opened for entries on the 1st April. We would like your help to make this the biggest national event in the UK. Please promote to your friends and fellow club members. Once again we are offering £3000 in prize and travel budget which players of all levels can play for! Four new qualifying locations have been added for this years event. Full details can be found on our website.


Our latest run of leagues finish in the 31st March. Congratulations to all who have competed! We look forward to the new leagues starting and welcome some new faces – entry links are being added to our leagues page. Once again we would ask you get your friends involved in these leagues and allow us to create the best and most competitive tennis leagues in the UK.

2016 Tweener Leaderboard Challenge

Our partner String Sports has very kindly offered a fantastic prize. As some of you will have noticed on January 1st we created a fresh Tweener leaderboard. The person who finishes no 1 year end on the leaderboard will be given a voucher for a racket of their choice. More matches equals more points so get out there and compete!

The top 10

  1. George McCauley, 27 points
  2. Sam Doyle, 16 points
  3. Martin Beecroft, 13 points
  4. Ross smith, 12 points
  5. Benjamin Carreau, 12 points
  6. Samuel Johnson, 10 points
  7. Bertrand Merle, 10 points
  8. Vinny Lalli, 10 points
  9. David Wates, 9 points
  10. Chris Bowditch, 9 points

App Developments

As always we are working hard behind the scenes to develop the app to become user friendly. Recent improvements include:

  • Fast4 scoring option.
  • In-app automated push notifications to help remind players of matches and events upcoming.
  • Leaderboard challenge 2016.

Once again thanks to everyone who supports the app and growing the Tweener tennis community.