New leagues, interesting developments for 2016, & app update

Hi Tennis Fans,

another milestone for us this month with Graham Revie becoming the 800th Tweener player in the UK!


Are you feeling the need to get the competitive juices flowing and fancy winning some prize money? Our league entries close on the 19th December. Have a look at the leagues. To enter your nearest league please click on the league and you’ll be redirected to the league entry page on the LTA website.

League rules from March 2016

We have assessed our first batch of leagues and have decided we would like to streamline everything to make the whole experience easier for you guys. Please see full details of our proposed league structure rules. We have tried to simplify the process of entering and how the leagues operate for the benefit of all our users.

2016 Leaderboard Prize

How many matches can you play? How many leaderboard points can you win? Let’s find out. We will reset the in-app leaderboard to zero at the beginning of the year. The player at the top of the leaderboard this time next year can look forward to a special prize!

Coaches corner: volley on the move

Players start diagonally opposite each other in the corner ofvolley_on_the_move the service box. Players exchange volleys whilst moving across the court towards the opposite tramline. Vary the start position depending on you level of play. To make the exercise easier move closer and to make it more difficult move back towards the service line.

Set targets:

  • can you get 50 balls in a row,
  • can you get across the court and back without losing control.

Teaching points:

  • racket and elbows always in front,
  • athletic ready position,
  • chopper grip, and
  • strings pointing at your target.

App Update

We have released v3.3 of the app with some notable additions:

  • Tweener rating: an in-app rating system the updates after every match. View a player’s recent rating change on their profile rating chart.
  • Standalone match warning: in case you mean to create a league match.
  • View all your old messages.


The Tweener Team