And now a message from our sponsor

Hi Tennis Fans,

this has been a tremendously exciting time for us with the Tweener BTC 2015 going live and over 190 entries across the country in the first year. I would just like to take a minute to thank our headline sponsor Sloans Bar and Restaurant Glasgow. Without their input this event would never have gotten off the ground. Even better news for you guys is they are offering a discount voucher (click to download) for you to use between now and the end of the event. I would recommend their gourmet mac and cheese, it’s awesome.

Anyway back to the tennis. We currently have had 75 matches played with a further 52 live in the system. Here’s a couple more stats from the last 28 days.

Who’s been winning points

  1. Sam Doyle (21)
  2. Bradley Hammond (16)
  3. Martin Beecroft (16)
  4. Mark Robinson (15)
  5. George McCauley (12)

Where are matches being played

  1. Lowlands Club (8)
  2. Blewbury Tennis Club (6)
  3. Queens Park (Glgw) (6)
  4. Highbury Fields (4)
  5. Bearsden LTC (3)

Box Leagues

On top of this we currently have four live leagues: two in South Wales and two inside the M25. The newest league Beckenham & Sydenham Men’s Singles League is still looking for players. Get your friends involved in the app and try creating your own box leagues. It’s simple and an easy way to get Grade 6 matches in.

Version 3.2.0

We have another update to the app coming out next week. As well as bug fixes we have done the following:

  • Event leaderboard and match list improvements.
  • View a player’s completed matches.
  • Main leaderboard filters and pagination.

Selfie Challenge

Finally, remember our selfie challenge. Post a picture to our twitter page or facebook after a live match and you could win our mystery Tweener Prize. Thanks to Aitor, George and Gordon who have all sent in some after match belters!

Happy matches,

The Tweener Team