Tweener Tennis 3.0 released

Sorry we have been a little quiet and haven’t released an article in a while. We have been hard at work creating the next version of Tweener Tennis.

Tweener Tennis 3.0

Since we have released the app in June 2014, we have listened to our user feedback carefully and we think Tweener Tennis 3.0 could become an integral part of club life. Our vision is to empower all Tweener users and give them the ability to create their own box leagues and events at clubs up and down the country. This new release does just that. Players will be able to create Grade 6 events at the touch of a button. Challenge your friends, players at your club, or create leagues against random players nearby. Read more about simple box leagues on our blog.

Our other major feature is the quick match. This will allow you to make a match request to a group of players rather than have to choose a particular opponent. Read more about quick matches on our blog.

Finally, you can now share your results direct to your Facebook page so your friends can see the fruits of your labour! Look out for the share button on all your completed matches.

Tweener British Tennis Challenge 2015

As well as adding major new features we are also running our first UK wide event: the British Tennis Challenge 2015. Entries are already open and we hope to get a large entry to make the event a real success. Event entry is via the LTA website – you can find all the links to the event pages on our event page.


Congratulations to Samuel Johnson for winning our Points Make Prizes challenge by winning the most points from February to April.

To celebrate the addition of box leagues to the app, our next challenge is simple! Be the first to create an event with four or more players and get the first two matches in the event complete and everyone in the league will get a mystery Tweener prize!


The Tweener Team