Simple Box Leagues

The major new feature for tweener version 3.0 is the addition of simple box leagues. Players can now create and compete in all-play-all format events. This article gives a brief introduction to some of the features of simple box leagues.

eventsThe app has two new menu items: Events and Create Event. The Events page contains two tabs, the first (Other Events) displays nearby events which you are eligible to enter, the second (My Events) lists all events you have entered.

Creating an event

event_create (2)We have tried to make event creation easy with only a limited amount of information required to create a league.

  • Name & Description.
  • Entry Closing Date: choose how long players have to join event.
  • Match Type: two sets & championship tiebreak, or three tiebreak sets.
  • No. of Players: this is the preferred number of players you would like for your event. When this number of players join, your event will start. Otherwise, if three or more players join before the closing date, your event will start, too.
  • League run time: choose one, two, or three months. This determines how long the players have to complete all their matches. The event will end even if all matches have not been completed.
  • Who to notify: send notifications to your friends, your club mates, or random nearby players. All eligible players can see your event even if they don’t receive a notification.

The location of the event is set as the creator’s club. Important note: you will need to add a club to your profile before you can create events.

Entering an event

You can only enter an event if you have a similar playing category to the person who creates the event and are within 20 miles of the event location. You will not be able to see an event in the app if you are not eligible.

Arranging event matches

event_match (2)You have to arrange event matches from within the event page.

The event page has three tabs: information, players, and matches. The third tab shows all the matches that can be played. If you tap on one of your matches that has yet to be organised the app will open the match creation page.

To create the match you only have to choose the date, time, and location. The event information is automatically added to the match. Important note: you cannot create an event match if you touch the Play button on a player’s profile.


This is an experimental feature which we hope to improve in the next release. If you have any comments please do let us know.

  • Chris

    Fantastic updates letting people create their own box leagues! Will there be an update that could allow clubs create their own internal knockout competition too at some point where results can count towards ratings etc?

    • Yes, this is the plan. This is an experimental feature and we’ll see how it’s used. When we’re happy with the box leagues, it should be relatively easy to add other types of events: knockout leagues, club championships, etc.

      We are also talking to the LTA to get guidance on what we have to do to make sure matches can be graded. I think our box league matches will be grade 6.