Coach’s Corner 4

Are you the type of player who helps your partner to win their serve or do you struggle to get involved in the game when your partner is serving?

In this short Tweener coaches’ corner we are going to try and help you improve your movement at the net when your partner is serving.

Before looking at the graphics below please read these bullet points.

  • Try and always plan the serve direction with your partner before the point begins
  • Start your movement forward as the ball passes you at the net. If you wait until the ball bounces you will not be able to cover the ground.
  • Split step as always as the returner hits the ball. This will allow you to be balanced and change direction fast.
  • Don’t let the ball get past you easily. Always make your best effort to get a racket on the ball. This will force your opponent to go for bigger and bigger shots ultimately drawing unforced errors.

Take a look at the three graphics below. Note the starting position of the net player being almost bang in the centre of their box. Do not hide near the tramline as you will become isolated!


Diagram: click to enlarge

  1. Wide serve movement: take a large step diagonally forward onto your left foot before squaring off and making a sit step.
  2. The body serve: this time move straight forward. Step onto whatever foot you feel most comfortable before split stepping.
  3. The T serve: finally take your large step diagonally to the right onto your right leg. The square off as you split step.

I would encourage you and your partner to count how many points you can win with two strikes (serve then volley) without moving as above. Then try to play with the above movement switched on. You will be amazed how much more you can dominate behind your serve!
Remember, if you do not lose serve you will not lose many matches.

  • John

    Stumbled across this webpage by accident….nice tips though!