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App update and new prizes

Hi Tennis Fan,

as you may know, we have been working hard behind the scenes to develop a new version of Tweener. We have added some new features which we hope makes the user experience even more enjoyable.

The main new features include:

  • Sign-up using Facebook for new players. (Android users may notice the extra permissions required for these new features.)
  • Push notifications which will help alert you to any challenges or score updates that need attention.
  • Access to your photo gallery on your phone to make changing your profile picture easier. You can now use an existing photo, take a new photo, or delete your profile picture.
  • New achievements to play for.
    • Love Maker: win a match without dropping a game.
    • To The Wire: win a three-set tie-break match.
    • Tour 250: win 4 matches in-a-row
    • Tour 500: win 5 matches in-a-row.

Tweener Stats: David Lloyd Club Renfrew

Congratulations to David Lloyd Club Renfrew for playing 14 matches in the last 28 days and having the most players (20) signed up to the app.

More prizes on offer!

Oh and before we leave you, note our latest live challenges.

  • Double Header: Play two tweener matches in one day! The challenge runs from now to March 31st.
  • 100 Club: We are approaching 100 completed tweener matches. The two players who complete the 100th match will also receive a mystery prize.

Good luck and enjoy,

The Tweener Team

Coach’s Corner 3

Welcome to our Tweener coaches corner volume three. Being a coach working within a club environment I constantly see the ball crossing the net in the middle but the net player never manages to touch the ball and becomes very isolated. We have created 3 graphics below which will hopefully illustrate two hugely important points.

Where you should position yourself at the net to be in the centre point of the two possible shots your baseline opponent may choose to hit. Giving you the best chance to cover your side! Your job as the net player is not to cover 30% of the court.

Use the position above to intercept the ball hit over the centre band of the net! Remember 90% of balls in club doubles are hit cross court.

Next time you play, try to help your partner by intercepting that middle ball. Experiment with when you think is the best time to move. If you go too early you may leave a space, if you go to late you will not reach the ball in time. I recommend moving just after the ball bounces on your opponents side that way he or she will be committed to their stroke. Trust me when I say your partner will love you as you start to mop up easy volleys and you beat the team at your club you have always struggled against!


Click the image to view the full-size image

Starting position for a net player should always be outside foot roughly in the centre of the service box not on the singles tramline.

Court 1: when receiving the ball from the baseline player in a wide position you must step to your left. Do not over commit one big diagonal step left should be enough

Court 2: when receiving the ball from the baseline player in a neutral position you must take a step forward. Again one step should be enough followed by your dynamic split step as they strike the ball

Court 3: when receiving the ball from the baseline player when they are in the centre area of the court you can take a big step towards the middle of the court. This is the ball you can really dominate the court from!

Good luck!

Feedback can be sent to the usual address.

The Tweener Team

Happy new year

Hi Tennis Fans,

we hope you had a great Christmas break. I am sure you are all gearing up for a fantastic new year of tennis. Why not set some goals for your game. Maybe make a technical or tactical change but most importantly make sure you get out on court and compete!

We are delighted that we have pushed through the 300 member barrier and hope you all continue to support and enjoy the app. We have some exciting things going on behind the scenes and can’t wait to announce the new Tweener features and events coming in 2015.


As you all know we like to host some fun challenges for you all to take part in. Over the past few months we have had two running. First, the Tweener tour player or the person who played the most matches in the last quarter of the year. The winner was Daud Sakandar, a massive congratulations from the team and enjoy your prize.

Over the Christmas period from mid-December to January the 5th we ran a fun competition to see who could play the most matches. Well, we had a total of nine matches played over the festive period with the eventual winner being Harry Marron who played and won four matches! Great effort getting out on court over the holidays. Your mystery prize is in the post!

App developments

Once again can we remind all users to make sure you link yourself to your local club or park facility and, if you have one, enter your LTA number. The app will then be fully optimised to make your user experience even better!

Finally, version 2 is almost there. We are putting the finishing touches in place as we speak. We can’t wait to unveil some new features and challenges.

The Tweener Team