Coach’s Corner 2

Hi All,

we are getting very excited behind the scenes at Tweener Tennis. Pushing towards 300 users and a number of matches being co-ordinated. Oh and Christmas is coming!

Coach’s Corner

We hope you all enjoy our latest Tweener Coach’s Corner video. We have tried to focus on three core singles practices that are guaranteed to improve your game. Have a look then get out on the court and get practicing!

New features

The imminent launch of Tweener Tennis v1.2 will allow players to choose a Best of Three Tie Break Sets match to complement our existing two options of Two Sets & and Championship Tie Break and Friendly (No Score). This will allow our Born 2 Win Tennis friends to input their scores correctly! And it offers greater flexibility to our users.

Tweener Stats: who’s been joining tweener recently?

  • David Lloyd Club Renfrew (11)
  • Hertford Lawn Tennis Club (3)
  • Kimpton Tennis Club (2)
  • Letchworth Sports and Tennis Club Ltd (2)
  • Merchiston Castle School (2)