Tweener Tennis 1.1 released

Hi All, It has been a busy time for us behind the scenes. Our first update has successfully been released and is available to download now. If you have not managed to update already make sure you check out version 1.1, it’s packed with great new features! Oh and please remember to link your tweener profile to your club & LTA number. This will optimise all the app’s features and will help us to match you to players of similar ability levels. Take a look below at the two main new features released in version 1.1.

In-app challenges: if you look at your Statistics page in the app you will now see you have an achievements section. Those of you who have already played a match should see a blue icon which means you have won the tweener debut award! Please read on in the blog to see what other challenges lie in stall for you!

Friendly matches: you can now create friendly challenges. This type of challenge will allow players the option to simply play a social game or even just have a training session.The challenge will still be recorded in the system but no score needs to be logged.

Once again we would encourage all of you to get involved with the app and fully encourage any new ideas you would like to see within the app. Below are a list of all the challenges which you can play for and how you achieve them. If you have any ideas for new challenges just drop us an email and we will consider adding your challenges to the next update.

  • Revenge is Sweet. If you play a player once and lose then the next time you play them you win “Revenge is sweet” will appear on your achievements.
  • Tweener tour player. Play matches at 3 different locations to win this award.
  • Tweener grand tour. Play matches at 5 different locations to win this award.
  • Tweener world tour. Play matches at 10 different locations to win this award.
  • Tweener traveller. This award has three different levels and can be unlocked by travelling to play matches at new venues 10, 25 and 50 miles from your club. Remember you can only win this if you link yourself to a venue/club in your profile.
  • Tweener grand slam. Win seven matches in a row and unlock this special award.

We have set the challenges now get out there and unlock the awards!