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Coaches Corner: the service leg drive

Welcome to our first ever coaches corner.

We are excited at the prospect of being able to offer some technical, tactical, mental and physical advice to all of you. In our first edition Jordan will be looking at the leg drive in the serve and the various ways that you can try to maximise the elastic energy you can create.

Hope you like it. Now get out and practice!

Coaches Corner

We would like to introduce the latest and most exciting section of our blog, our coaches corner. Jordan Gray head coach at Thorn Park LTC in Glasgow Scotland and former full-time professional will be guiding you through some of his ideas on how to improve your game. We are looking forward to working with other lead coaches throughout the UK who will offer their own insight into the game. Please feel free to email anything you would like us to look at from adding more spin to your forehand, to doubles tactics and positioning.

Send your requests to

Tweener app update, version 1.1

Dear Tweener Members, Guests and Friends,

firstly a massive thanks from all of us at Tweener for installing and supporting our app. As part of our ongoing ambition to improve our app and the overall experience our users get we would like to introduce our first update. We have added some cool and hopefully fun features that you and your new network of tennis friends will hopefully enjoy.

Look out for an announcement when the update is available on the app stores.

friendly_framedFriendly challenge. You can now offer two types of challenge. A tweener match where you record your score and points are added to the leaderboard. The new option is to challenge someone to a “Friendly”. Friendly matches will register on your matches played but offers social players the chance to simply hit some balls for fun.

achievements_framedTweener Trophies. At Tweener we believe that players of all abilities should have the opportunity to play for trophies. We have laid out a number of challenges for players to try and achieve. We hope this will encourage more matches to be played and increase participation within the app. You will also gain bonus points towards your position on the leaderboard when you win a trophy in a standard match. Below is a list of all the new achievements you can play for.

  • Tweener Debut
  • Revenge is sweet
  • Tweener tour player
  • Tweener grand tourer
  • Tweener world tourer
  • Tweener traveller 10, 20, 30, 40, 50
  • The Grand Slam

We hope you all manage to upgrade to the latest version and encourage you all to LOCATE – CHALLENGE – PLAY as many matches as you can and enhance your enjoyment of our great sport!

Tweener Team