Your Profile

Screenshot_2014-06-22-12-05-30_framedOne of the goals of Tweener is to help you expand your network of opponents and playing partners. For the app to do this you can add some extra details to your profile after you register. Our recommendation system will use this extra information to provide more accurate suggestions for opponents.

Player categories

The app has player categories which are similar to the LTA rating system. We introduced the rating system to provide more opportunity for you to move up (and down) the categories to more accurately reflect your playing standard without having to enter LTA ranking events.

When you registered your new account, you were assigned the lowest category: I. You can automatically move up some categories if you enter your LTA membership number. The app will check your LTA rating and, if necessary, update your in-app category to match your LTA rating.


Entering your club will help other players find you nearby. The app uses the club’s location to find nearby players.


One of the new features we plan for the app is to provide extra filters for you to narrow down the recommendations the app makes – the more information we have, the better the recommendations.

Without this information you won’t be able to enter our leaderboard competition when it begins!

Profile Picture

Tap the camera icon to take a photo for your profile picture. After you take the photo you don’t need to update your profile – the picture has already been saved.

And don’t forget your name

Also, please do enter an accurate name! This will help your friends find you easily. And you too can find friends to follow and track their progress.