Racket Review: Babolat Pure Drive Wimbledon

Babolat Pure Drive WimbledonWeight: 300g
Grip size: L3 with Babolat dry touch pro overgrip.
Strings: RPM Blast 1.3mm diameter.
Tension: 54lbs

Tested by Jordan Gray, LTA rating 2.2

The first thing I noticed about the racket was the cosmetics. I really liked the Wimbledon colours and feel. Babolat have done an excellent job in making the racket look different to the normal Pure Drive and in my opinion it has an overall cooler look. As you all know it’s not how the racket looks but how it performs.

The Pure Drive is one of the most popular selling rackets worldwide and for good reason! It appeals to pro players all the way down to reasonable level club players. With its 100 square inch head and wide string pattern the racket offers easy playability. Its wide body allows for free and easy power. In fact some players find it too powerful, particularly for those who have very fast swings. The Babolat Cortex system in the handle reduces vibration during impact with the ball offering comfort on slightly off centre shots.

Jordan using the Pure Drive WimbledonWhen testing this racket I loved the feel of the RPM Blast string! Having tested this racket previously with the standard XCel Premium, I would thoroughly recommend changing to the RPM Blast. It offers even more speed off the racket with far greater spin. Just remember not to string any poly strings too tight. Tweener suggests 51-­55lbs.


Power­: 10/10
Looks­: 9/10
Playability­: 9/10
Control­: 8/10 (higher when using the RPM Blast string)
Overall­: 9/10

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