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Racket Review: Babolat Pure Drive Wimbledon

Babolat Pure Drive WimbledonWeight: 300g
Grip size: L3 with Babolat dry touch pro overgrip.
Strings: RPM Blast 1.3mm diameter.
Tension: 54lbs

Tested by Jordan Gray, LTA rating 2.2

The first thing I noticed about the racket was the cosmetics. I really liked the Wimbledon colours and feel. Babolat have done an excellent job in making the racket look different to the normal Pure Drive and in my opinion it has an overall cooler look. As you all know it’s not how the racket looks but how it performs.

The Pure Drive is one of the most popular selling rackets worldwide and for good reason! It appeals to pro players all the way down to reasonable level club players. With its 100 square inch head and wide string pattern the racket offers easy playability. Its wide body allows for free and easy power. In fact some players find it too powerful, particularly for those who have very fast swings. The Babolat Cortex system in the handle reduces vibration during impact with the ball offering comfort on slightly off centre shots.

Jordan using the Pure Drive WimbledonWhen testing this racket I loved the feel of the RPM Blast string! Having tested this racket previously with the standard XCel Premium, I would thoroughly recommend changing to the RPM Blast. It offers even more speed off the racket with far greater spin. Just remember not to string any poly strings too tight. Tweener suggests 51-­55lbs.


Power­: 10/10
Looks­: 9/10
Playability­: 9/10
Control­: 8/10 (higher when using the RPM Blast string)
Overall­: 9/10

Tweener announces first sponsorship deal

Gents Singles Winner

Gents Singles Winner 2013

All of us at Tweener are proud to announce that we are one of the lead sponsors for the 2014 West End Tournament held at Hillhead LTC in Glasgow. Please check out the West End Tournament website for full details of this year’s event. You can also follow them on twitter.

We feel privileged to be involved with this year’s event and hope to see some of the entrants on our own leaderboard soon! Good luck to all involved in this year’s event.

Your Profile

Screenshot_2014-06-22-12-05-30_framedOne of the goals of Tweener is to help you expand your network of opponents and playing partners. For the app to do this you can add some extra details to your profile after you register. Our recommendation system will use this extra information to provide more accurate suggestions for opponents.

Player categories

The app has player categories which are similar to the LTA rating system. We introduced the rating system to provide more opportunity for you to move up (and down) the categories to more accurately reflect your playing standard without having to enter LTA ranking events.

When you registered your new account, you were assigned the lowest category: I. You can automatically move up some categories if you enter your LTA membership number. The app will check your LTA rating and, if necessary, update your in-app category to match your LTA rating.


Entering your club will help other players find you nearby. The app uses the club’s location to find nearby players.


One of the new features we plan for the app is to provide extra filters for you to narrow down the recommendations the app makes – the more information we have, the better the recommendations.

Without this information you won’t be able to enter our leaderboard competition when it begins!

Profile Picture

Tap the camera icon to take a photo for your profile picture. After you take the photo you don’t need to update your profile – the picture has already been saved.

And don’t forget your name

Also, please do enter an accurate name! This will help your friends find you easily. And you too can find friends to follow and track their progress.

The First Tweener Tournament

Thorn Park LTC

Location of Thorn Park LTC

Dear Tweener members and guests. We would like to invite you to our first Tweener sponsored tournament. This will be the first of its kind with all results managed by the Tweener system. Please see below full details of this exciting new concept!

  • Sunday 24th August, 11am to 5pm approx.
  • Thorn Park LTC, 31a Thorn Road, Bearsden, G61 4BS.
  • Free BBQ for all players and guests.
  • Guaranteed 2 quality matches on the day.
  • First ever tournament in Scotland hosted by Tweener and its state of the art mobile system.
  • Matches can be used for LTA rating if both players agree on the day.
  • Players must have the app installed and a tweener account registered.
  • Players must be at least 16 years old to enter the event.

Find out how to download Tweener by visiting our website:

To register for the event please send us an email with your name, rating and LTA number prior to the event:


Wimbledon finals weekend

Federer serves

Wimbledon 2014 finals weekend is upon us. Another fantastic championships comes to a climax this weekend.

In the women’s final the new kid on the block Genie Bouchard takes on the big hitting left hander Petra Kvitova. Having watched Genie’s interview after her semi final makes me think she will overcome the raw power of Petra. The youngster seems to have an aura and belief about her that I have not seen since a young Serena Williams! However if Petra serves well who knows! Tweener prediction Genie in 3 tight sets!

Sunday’s men’s final sees our pick for the tournament the Swiss maestro Roger Federer take on The Serbinator Novak Djokovic. The reason I picked Roger this year is,  when courtside against Giles Muller, I noticed the Swiss star was consistently serving around 120-128 mph. The previous time I saw him live he was using the smaller headed racket and was averaging 110-118 mph. This combined with more clever ventures to the net (Edberg’s influence?) will see him over the line. I am sure Djokovic will have something to say about the above. Tweener predicts Roger in 4 sets.

Enjoy the finals, I know I will.

Welcome to Tweener


We’re just getting started

Hi All, firstly a massive thanks for downloading our new App. This is a really exciting time for us at Tweener and for tennis fans around the world. Andy Murray is embarking on another Wimbledon onslaught and for us, our first version of Tweener is officially real!

We would like to welcome you all on board as our first official Tweener players. We have 80 players registered on the app and are steadily growing in numbers. We need your help to grow our database of players as our goal is to be able to offer players like yourselves a huge network of potential competition and new friends. Please spread the word among your club members and tennis friends.

Finally we have noticed some of you have not entered your LTA membership numbers under the Edit Profile tab. Remember our system uses your rating to gauge your rough ability level and match you to appropriate players. If you have a spare second please open your tweener profile and enter your LTA number. If you’re feeling really adventurous why not add a profile picture and get playing some matches 🙂

Thanks again,

Tweener Tennis