Online discount at StringSports and app news

Hi everyone,

it is a really exciting time for us again. We are currently redeveloping the app for global launch. As well as improving the existing functionality, we are working on the following exciting new features.

  • The rating system will be integrating the recently launched ITF rating system which will allow players to grade themselves to their level.
  • Players will also be able to check in to their tennis club anywhere in the world.
  • We are most excited about the new Facebook style timeline that will allow everyone to keep up to date with events, friends, and our integrated coaches corner.

If anyone is interested in testing the app please drop us an email and we will add you to our list.

StringSports 10%

Our partners and sponsors StringSports have launched their online shop. The shop looks fantastic and has all the major tennis brands under one roof. We are delighted to announce Tweener players can access a 10% discount at all times. Just use the code TWEENER01 at the checkout to apply your discount. Visit and check it out.

Happy shopping guys,

The Tweener team

Autumn 2016 Graded Prize Leagues

Hi Guys,

our next run of Grade 6 Prize Leagues are open for entry. Last time round we had over 100 players competing across 13 divisions. Over £900 in prize money was shared amongst our league winners. Our model is simple. The more players in your league the higher the prize fund.

A big shout goes out to Stephen Reynolds who has donated his £30 prize money to Marie Curie Cancer Care. A really fantastic gesture from Stephen.

Entries for our latest league close on the 16th of September. You can enter by using the paypal button below or through the app! Get involved and have some great matches whilst meeting new friends along the way.

 Autumn League Entry £10

  • Tweener Buckinghamshire County Singles League
  • Tweener Greater London County Singles League
  • Tweener Surrey County Singles League
  • Tweener Greater Glasgow Singles League
  • Tweener Edinburgh Singles League
  • Tweener South Wales Singles League
  • Tweener Greater Manchester & Liverpool Singles League
  • Tweener Hertfordshire County Singles League
  • Tweener Hampshire & South West Singles League
  • Tweener West Midlands & Coventry Singles League


Jordan Gray
Tweener managing director

Summer leagues complete, Autumn leagues entries open


as the US open begins the current Tweener Prize Leagues are finishing. Congratulations to everyone who has taken part this time round. A total of 110 matches have been played. Full results can be viewed on the website. We will be in touch with all our winners to distribute the prize money accordingly.

League Review

Our leagues are currently set at a 30 mile radius. We are interested to see if you guys feel this is ok or should we look at shrinking this to make co-ordinating matches easier?

New leagues: Entries 15 Sep; Play 16 Sep to 4 Dec

Entries for our next batch of Tweener Prize Leagues are now open. This time round you can enter through the app only. Everyone should get push notifications to remind them of nearby events or you can click the paypal button below to get involved. Once again entries are set at £10 with 65% of this being paid back in prize money. The more entries in the leagues the higher the prize fund.

Autumn League Entry £10

If you would like a new league set up in your local area please drop us a email and we are happy to get this done for you.

Coach’s Corner: improving your volley technique in three steps

  1. Change your footwork. Most players tend to take their initial step to the ball with their inside foot. For example, when moving to the forehand they step with their left foot. I would challenge you to learn to move your outside leg first when moving towards to a volley. Almost feel you are playing more from an open stance. See Andy training this below.

  2. Split step timing. Again looking at Andy training his volley: watch his split step. If you listen to the sound of his opponent striking the ball you will notice his split is always bang on time with his opponent’s strike

  3. Understand racket head control. When training try and keep the strings of your racket face pointing at the target until the ball bounces on your opponent’s side. This will help you to stop swinging at the volley.

Finally, can you please make sure you are running the latest version of the app. Certain features do not work well if you are using older versions. You can check on the app store pages.

Google play store Apple app store

All the best,

the Tweener Team

More on the BTC and the 2016 leaderboard prize

The Davis Cup is back and the sun is shining. Is it finally time for some good quality outdoor tennis? We certainly hope so.

BTC 2016

BTC 2016 map

Click to enlarge

We are delighted to announce that the 2016 BTC event is officially opened for entries on the 1st April. We would like your help to make this the biggest national event in the UK. Please promote to your friends and fellow club members. Once again we are offering £3000 in prize and travel budget which players of all levels can play for! Four new qualifying locations have been added for this years event. Full details can be found on our website.


Our latest run of leagues finish in the 31st March. Congratulations to all who have competed! We look forward to the new leagues starting and welcome some new faces – entry links are being added to our leagues page. Once again we would ask you get your friends involved in these leagues and allow us to create the best and most competitive tennis leagues in the UK.

2016 Tweener Leaderboard Challenge

Our partner String Sports has very kindly offered a fantastic prize. As some of you will have noticed on January 1st we created a fresh Tweener leaderboard. The person who finishes no 1 year end on the leaderboard will be given a voucher for a racket of their choice. More matches equals more points so get out there and compete!

The top 10

  1. George McCauley, 27 points
  2. Sam Doyle, 16 points
  3. Martin Beecroft, 13 points
  4. Ross smith, 12 points
  5. Benjamin Carreau, 12 points
  6. Samuel Johnson, 10 points
  7. Bertrand Merle, 10 points
  8. Vinny Lalli, 10 points
  9. David Wates, 9 points
  10. Chris Bowditch, 9 points

App Developments

As always we are working hard behind the scenes to develop the app to become user friendly. Recent improvements include:

  • Fast4 scoring option.
  • In-app automated push notifications to help remind players of matches and events upcoming.
  • Leaderboard challenge 2016.

Once again thanks to everyone who supports the app and growing the Tweener tennis community.

Coaches Corner: Spanish Basket

70a20ab5-12bd-4de0-a789-39ed656a2ae4The coach feeds the ball to four different positions on the court. First ball deep to forehand, second short to backhand, third deep to backhand and finally short to forehand. The number of balls and speed must vary depending on the fitness level of the player.

Teaching points:

  • athletic first step to the ball,
  • weight transfer especially on the deeper ball
  • vary the type of shot. Higher on the deep ball, flatter on the shorter ball.
  • early preparation.

BTC 2016 update, Ireland & app update

Hey Tennis Fan,

e69d9482-68f6-430e-a584-597efa3b894dthe Brits performed amazingly across in Melbourne which is hopefully inspiring us all to get on the court and play. I personally have been competing in the British over 35 championships which was my first competitive singles tournament in over 5 years. I managed to sneak to the final narrowly losing to my good friend and world number 5 Barry Fulcher.

New App Features

As always we have been trying to improve the app. We have introduced the Fast4 scoringsystem to allow people with busy schedules the opportunity to still get on court and compete.

We have introduced a new competitive leaderboard in the app. The default leaderboard is 2016 – it shows players who have earned points this year. At the end of the year, the lucky player at the top of the leaderboard will be getting a great prize.

Look out for these new features next week.

Launch in Ireland

The Tweener family is growing as we pass 850 users and we have quietly launched the app across in Ireland. Welcome aboard all our Irish players. Over the next few months we can hopefully push the app more over there.


The current Tweener winter leagues are well underway with 19 matches completed and 5 in progress across the 7 locations. The final date for all matches to be played is 31st March. Hopefully with the lighter and brighter nights more matches will be completed. Well done to everyone who has battled the elements and been out there.

BTC 2016

After the success of last year we are delighted to announce that the 2016 Tweener British Challenge will be held between June and August for qualifying with the finals weekend being indoors at Tipton Sports Academy near Birmingham on the 29 & 30th of October. Again £3000 prize money will be split across the four divisions. This year we will go from 8 to 12 qualifying locations across the country and with the help of you and the governing bodies we hope to increase entries to 500 for this year’s event. So please start spreading the word!

New leagues, interesting developments for 2016, & app update

Hi Tennis Fans,

another milestone for us this month with Graham Revie becoming the 800th Tweener player in the UK!


Are you feeling the need to get the competitive juices flowing and fancy winning some prize money? Our league entries close on the 19th December. Have a look at the leagues. To enter your nearest league please click on the league and you’ll be redirected to the league entry page on the LTA website.

League rules from March 2016

We have assessed our first batch of leagues and have decided we would like to streamline everything to make the whole experience easier for you guys. Please see full details of our proposed league structure rules. We have tried to simplify the process of entering and how the leagues operate for the benefit of all our users.

2016 Leaderboard Prize

How many matches can you play? How many leaderboard points can you win? Let’s find out. We will reset the in-app leaderboard to zero at the beginning of the year. The player at the top of the leaderboard this time next year can look forward to a special prize!

Coaches corner: volley on the move

Players start diagonally opposite each other in the corner ofvolley_on_the_move the service box. Players exchange volleys whilst moving across the court towards the opposite tramline. Vary the start position depending on you level of play. To make the exercise easier move closer and to make it more difficult move back towards the service line.

Set targets:

  • can you get 50 balls in a row,
  • can you get across the court and back without losing control.

Teaching points:

  • racket and elbows always in front,
  • athletic ready position,
  • chopper grip, and
  • strings pointing at your target.

App Update

We have released v3.3 of the app with some notable additions:

  • Tweener rating: an in-app rating system the updates after every match. View a player’s recent rating change on their profile rating chart.
  • Standalone match warning: in case you mean to create a league match.
  • View all your old messages.


The Tweener Team

And now a message from our sponsor

Hi Tennis Fans,

this has been a tremendously exciting time for us with the Tweener BTC 2015 going live and over 190 entries across the country in the first year. I would just like to take a minute to thank our headline sponsor Sloans Bar and Restaurant Glasgow. Without their input this event would never have gotten off the ground. Even better news for you guys is they are offering a discount voucher (click to download) for you to use between now and the end of the event. I would recommend their gourmet mac and cheese, it’s awesome.

Anyway back to the tennis. We currently have had 75 matches played with a further 52 live in the system. Here’s a couple more stats from the last 28 days.

Who’s been winning points

  1. Sam Doyle (21)
  2. Bradley Hammond (16)
  3. Martin Beecroft (16)
  4. Mark Robinson (15)
  5. George McCauley (12)

Where are matches being played

  1. Lowlands Club (8)
  2. Blewbury Tennis Club (6)
  3. Queens Park (Glgw) (6)
  4. Highbury Fields (4)
  5. Bearsden LTC (3)

Box Leagues

On top of this we currently have four live leagues: two in South Wales and two inside the M25. The newest league Beckenham & Sydenham Men’s Singles League is still looking for players. Get your friends involved in the app and try creating your own box leagues. It’s simple and an easy way to get Grade 6 matches in.

Version 3.2.0

We have another update to the app coming out next week. As well as bug fixes we have done the following:

  • Event leaderboard and match list improvements.
  • View a player’s completed matches.
  • Main leaderboard filters and pagination.

Selfie Challenge

Finally, remember our selfie challenge. Post a picture to our twitter page or facebook after a live match and you could win our mystery Tweener Prize. Thanks to Aitor, George and Gordon who have all sent in some after match belters!

Happy matches,

The Tweener Team

In-app chat: messages

We are pleased to announce a new feature that will be a great help to you when you are arranging match times with your opponents: messages.

Messages are just like5.5-inch (iPhone 6+) - Screenshot 1 text messages you send with your phone. The benefit of in-app chat is that you don’t need to swap phone numbers or email addresses to iron out the details of when you and your opponent are both available to play a match.

Wherever you see a chat button, you will be able to send a message to another player. Currently, there are chat buttons on other players’ profiles and your matches that are in progress.

Give it a try, and let us know what you think…


Simple Box Leagues

The major new feature for tweener version 3.0 is the addition of simple box leagues. Players can now create and compete in all-play-all format events. This article gives a brief introduction to some of the features of simple box leagues.

eventsThe app has two new menu items: Events and Create Event. The Events page contains two tabs, the first (Other Events) displays nearby events which you are eligible to enter, the second (My Events) lists all events you have entered.

Creating an event

event_create (2)We have tried to make event creation easy with only a limited amount of information required to create a league.

  • Name & Description.
  • Entry Closing Date: choose how long players have to join event.
  • Match Type: two sets & championship tiebreak, or three tiebreak sets.
  • No. of Players: this is the preferred number of players you would like for your event. When this number of players join, your event will start. Otherwise, if three or more players join before the closing date, your event will start, too.
  • League run time: choose one, two, or three months. This determines how long the players have to complete all their matches. The event will end even if all matches have not been completed.
  • Who to notify: send notifications to your friends, your club mates, or random nearby players. All eligible players can see your event even if they don’t receive a notification.

The location of the event is set as the creator’s club. Important note: you will need to add a club to your profile before you can create events.

Entering an event

You can only enter an event if you have a similar playing category to the person who creates the event and are within 20 miles of the event location. You will not be able to see an event in the app if you are not eligible.

Arranging event matches

event_match (2)You have to arrange event matches from within the event page.

The event page has three tabs: information, players, and matches. The third tab shows all the matches that can be played. If you tap on one of your matches that has yet to be organised the app will open the match creation page.

To create the match you only have to choose the date, time, and location. The event information is automatically added to the match. Important note: you cannot create an event match if you touch the Play button on a player’s profile.


This is an experimental feature which we hope to improve in the next release. If you have any comments please do let us know.